Product Spotlight: Copper Ion Antibacterial Tongue Cleaner

Want first class care for your tongue? Look no further, here is our newest tongue cleaner or tongue scraper! Made with rose gold stainless steel and coated in copper ion, this luxurious oral tool is effective in naturally eradicating bacteria from your tongue.

What does it do?

Our Specially Designed Rose Gold Copper Ion Antibacterial Tongue Cleaner will give your mouth that fresh feeling every use. The antibacterial copper ion coating will remove oral bacteria, minimise plaque and minimise decay build up in your mouth. Copper is ideal for use as it is bacteria-resistant and able to remove toxins without contaminating the tongue cleaner over time. It’s also adjustable to suit the width of your tongue making it more comfortable to use, simply adjust by squeezing it with your hand while you are using it. This tongue cleaner is made to last, it can be reused many times.

How do I use it?

Use the tongue cleaner first thing in the morning. Rinse your tongue cleaner under warm water before use, relax your tongue and scrape from the back of your tongue all the way to the front. Reach back as far as you feel comfortable and you can adjust the width with your hand while you scrape. You should repeat the scraping process at least 6 times, rinsing the tongue cleaner in warm water between each scrape. Always give your tongue cleaner a good rinse in warm water immediately after use to remove any debris that has been removed from your mouth. For added benefits, use our Activated Charcoal Toothpaste after tongue cleaning.