Activated Charcoal Alcohol Free Rinse
Activated Charcoal Alcohol Free Rinse

Activated Charcoal Alcohol Free Rinse

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A game changer in freshness.

Our all new Activated Charcoal Mouth Rinse is Alcohol Free, so is super gentle yet effective in freshening your breath and removing bacteria.

Use in conjunction with our range of Activated Charcoal oral care products for that full mouth cleanse.

What you get:

Activated Charcoal Alcohol Free Rinse

How to use it:

Activated Charcoal Alcohol Free Rinse

Unscrew lid from bottle and fill with mouthwash

Empty mouthwash into your mouth

Gargle and swirl in your mouth for 30 seconds 

Spit out mouthwash into the sink

Xylitol: Prevents tooth decay naturally

Combats bad breath and removes Activated Charcoal

Cruelty Free

Contains Medical Grade Activated Charcoal

Unlike other brands contains no artificial colours or preservatives, made from naturally derived ingredients

100% Fluoride Free

Stronger teeth and healthier gums

Great Fresh Mint Taste 

Love it or Leave it

Our "Love it or Leave it" guarantee entitles you to a full refund if you do not see results within 14 days. Please refer to our FAQ page for more information.

100% Natural Products
Fast Shipping Worldwide
Love It Or Leave It
Not Tested On Animals

Ultimate Whitening Bundle


Combine our fan favourite Tooth Polish, fluoride free Charcoal Toothpaste, alcohol free Charcoal Mouthwash and a Charcoal Bristled Toothbrush.



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