Upgrade Kit
Upgrade Kit
Upgrade Kit
Upgrade Kit
Upgrade Kit
Upgrade Kit

Upgrade Kit

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Our Activated Charcoal Mouth Rinse. This Alcohol Free formula is super gentle yet effective in freshening your breath and removing bacteria.

The Carbon Aqua Flosser replaces string floss, allowing you to quickly and easily remove dental impurities with small bursts of water. Clinically proven to be 5x more effective than traditional flossing, aqua flossing is a simple way to remove even the most stubborn debris.

To top it off, this kit includes our Tongue Cleaner and Silk Bag for complete cleanliness and convenience! 

What you get: 

Activated Charcoal Alcohol Free Rinse Carbon Aqua Flosser Tongue Cleaner Silk Pouch

What's in it?:

100% Organic Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal

How to use it:

Activated Charcoal Alcohol Free Rinse

Unscrew lid from bottle and fill with mouthwash

Empty mouthwash into your mouth

Gargle and swirl in your mouth for 30 seconds 

Spit out mouthwash into the sink

Carbon Aqua Flosser

Twist and pull to remove top of flosser

Fill Flosser to max line with water or mouthwash

Push and twist to lock top to base

Press button to expel into mouth

Clean your teeth and gums thoroughly with flosser

Doesn't Contain any Nasty Chemicals

Cruelty Free 

Formulated in Australia

Easy to Use

Medical Grade Activated Charcoal
Fast Shipping Worldwide
Not Tested On Animals


Carbon Aqua Flosser


The Carbon Aqua Flosser gives you freshness without the fuss (or the floss).